"Nothing like doing foolish things and feeling happy doing them"

"If you don't do stupid things when you are young, you will not have anything to laugh about when you are old"

"The best way of laughing is about oneself"


I set up shows in which I try, above all, to enjoy them. This is the main characteristic of my creations and which allows me to establish with the public a nearness and complicity that are needed for the shows I perform. As it is inevitable there is a mix between my real abilities and my artistic aspirations and as I am not very good at telling how “wonderful“ they are, I invite you to know what the press says about my work, if you carry on reading a little lower.

I dedicate myself to this work because of the small daily challenges and because feeling how that skill improves have been vital to me. Also because my own shows lead me to travel around the world giving me the opportunity to meet and work with other people. Besides, that mixture of art, culture, languages, gastronomy and other things that happen while I am doing my work enrich me so much that I can stay this side of the artist (artisan) , so unstable at times, but so personal, human, positive and necessary that is worth it and finally because culture and art make us more critical, wise and free and especially because I am very lucky to enjoy my work.

To know more about me I invite you to continue visiting the website, the Vimeo or Facebook Channel, or directly to call me, without any problem, and we’ll talk!!




Crítica La Patria


Prensa Noruega

Entrevista Deia

Crítica La Patria Mr.Frack

El Personaje

Prensa Noruega






If you want to know more or book some of my shows, write me!!
Xabi Larrea, Circus and Theatre
615 745 504


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