It is a humorous circus show that speaks of the infeasibility of our standard of living, of the collapse to which we are heading and that invites you to live with less.

A show with more than 18 months of research, creation and training in which an elaborate manipulation technique is used of pin pong balls, combining juggling technique and magic.

Created to perform in a theatre, it is a show without text aimed at all audiences from 5 years old.

A round, white, clean, desired world... and so polished like a pin pong ball!!

Who does not want after all to have white balls!! To eat, to warm up, to live...

Produce, knead and accumulate more and more balls, which here, as everything is round, nothing has an end.

"Award for best show at the Clown and Circus Festival of Ubeda 2022"



¿¿¿Do you want to know how the process of creating this show has been???

If you want to know more or book some of my shows, write me!!
Xabi Larrea, Circus and Theatre
615 745 504


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